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Meet the Ladies


All of our dogs are fully registered through ASDR and genetically tested to be super healthy. We have 4 breeding mommas and 4 "up and comers" that will someday take the place of the other mommas when they retire.  But they are ALL our pets, stay with us, and live in our home.... YES, all of them are in our house!  It's a little nutty but we love it.  Thankfully, we have a HUGE fenced-in yard to burn energy!!!  They are sweet, super playful, very loving, and love the outdoors. Every dog is well-loved, housebroken, and leash trained. Our family participates in 4H & the local dog club for weekly training and socialization within the community. They are all ASDR registered and full panel cleared in Genetic Testing (see our Genetics tab on our site for full test information)

The Ladies: About

Take The Time

To train yourself in the little things, for this is the foundation of great things!


“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” – Leo Tolstoy

*Pic of our daughter, Sarah, feeding the dogs their dinner. Ahhh patience little ones!

The Ladies: Image


Rstars LIl' Lone Star


Conformation - Elite Champion  

Rally I & II & III

2x 1st in Class- Female Toy Aussies

CGC/ PHD Master Level 3

My "baby"!  Ok, you shouldn't have favorites, but after going through an exceedingly long hard season in my life, Star was my "therapy", lap dog, and resident snuggler.

Star was awarded the Master Level for Canine Good Citizen and has the most wonderful temperament around!! She has produced multiple personal therapy & companion dogs.

Star is a TOY-sized Aussie from champion bloodlines from Fullerton Top Shelf Cognac & Rstars Earning Patches. Man, she is super sweet and is one of our most nurturing mommas!  I swear she'd nurse any puppy that wanted a snack!!!  Her genetics are strong and she produces a bunch of "mini-me" pups that are small toy-sized. She absolutely loves the outdoors and knows how to give the "cute" face to get treats. 

Blue Merle with bold copper

Weight: 18 lbs

Height: 13 inches

Eye Color: 2 blue

Full panel cleared 

The Ladies: Welcome


aka- Nanners Bananers

Reg.Name: Our lil' One Waiting to Bloom


Conformation - Top Silver Elite Champion  

Rally I & II

Nan is HANDS DOWN everyone's best friend!  Never met a stranger and everyone just loves her! She's a natural in the show ring and doesn't even have to try hard to beat the other competitors in the ring! 

She has the perfect temperament to produce personal therapy dogs, just like Star.   Sweet yet confident.

Nan loves the window seat in our house and runs like a rocket outside on our farm.  This girl is built for agility and jumps- pure muscle!

We are beginning to train her for agility and jumping competitions!  She's a natural beauty on the course!

Red Tri Mini- full collar & freckles

Weight: 18 lbs

Height: 15 1/2 inches

Eye Color: 2 blue

Full panel cleared 

The Ladies: Welcome


Reg.Name: Our lil' Precious Gem


Conformation -

Grande Elite Champion Puppy

Rally I & II

Gem is super friendly and sticks by your side.  If there has ever been a velcro dog, Gem is it! Quick to obey and with amazing recall, she will come to you for anything!  She is AMAZING with our kids with special needs and is not bothered by their unique behaviors in the least bit! 

She's currently working on her Rally skills, we have plans to do upper-level rally off-leash and agility for her.  Once she masters off-leash obedience, we will enroll her in Therapy Dog Classes.

Gem is a solid-boned, muscular build.  Deep deep penny-copper markings with icy blue eyes.  Her dad, Aries, has the same build and eyes but with a rich espresso coat.  The judges LOVE them both!

Black Tri Mini- deep copper

Weight: 30 lbs

Height: 16 1/2 inches

Eye Color: 2 blue

Full panel cleared 

The Ladies: Welcome


Alangus Calling the Shots at SSH-  aka  "Peanut"


Conformation: Elite Champion

Performance: Trick Dog Level 1 & 2

Peanut (Callie) is for sure living up to her name!  She went by Peanut forever until we could decide on the best-suited name.  "Calling the shots" pretty much hits the nail on the head! Where she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality!!! 

Though she is small in stature, she is well built with great muscle tone and excellent conformation.  Not dainty at all. Just small.

She is currently training for Trick Dog titling- which basically means she's the life of the party!

Blue Merle Small Toy

Weight: 14 lbs

Height: 11 inches

Eye Color: 2 blue, one marbled

The Ladies: Welcome


Shady Ds Wanna Bet Yet?


Conformation: Elite Grande Champion

Performance: Rally Obedience Level 1 & 2

Yeti is super fun, outgoing, wiggle butt happy kind of gal! She loves everyone, chasing a ball, following me everywhere when I’m outside, and wrestling the others. Especially Mocha & Peanut. They’re bffs. 

She is currently training for obedience & scent work, which she’s a natural at!!! We took her on a whim to a scent training weekend and she was jumping all in like she worked for a task force on search and recovery LOL. Just in her element! 

Black Tri Mini

Weight: 20 lbs

Height: 16 inches

Eye Color: brown 

The Ladies: Welcome
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