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Our Family & Farm

The Martin Family & Sunset Hill

Currently in SW Ohio, but we started our family farm in the great state of TX, just north of Dallas, in the farm country.  Half of our property there was a pecan grove and the rest was farmland.  As our family grew in number of kiddos, so did our farm.  Animals are such a great way to help children learn and grow.  We raised & bred registered dairy goats, meat goats, cows, duck and chickens. 

Now we live in Southwest Ohio, the Buckeye state! Closer to family and friends, we are loving to be north, but we do miss that TX sunshine!!!

We have always rescued dogs of all kinds for over 15 years.  We even had 4 Great Pyrenees at once!  Talk about furballs!

Until one day our daughter rescued a border collie mix.  She was small for her size and looked like an Aussie.  She named her Angel and we fell in love!!!

Soon after, our daughter purchased her first registered Mini Aussie to have as a family pet and hopefully breed.  Well, one turned into ....... more. LOL!! But that's the story of our whole life! With 10 kids in our family, what were a few more dogs?!?!  And so it began.

Many of our kiddos have special needs and will live with us forever.  So learning to help run a family business with gorgeous little Aussies was a no-brainer! Our kids could learn & love all at once! Plus, you, as the buyer, can trust your puppy is coming from a loving home with lots of attention and training.

Everyone wins!!!

The Martins
at Sunset Hill
Mini & Toy Aussies

Doing Business as a Family

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