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Are Aussies good with kids?


Our dogs are all HOUSE PETS. We are a homeschool family who spends TONS of playtime with all the puppies. Puppies from Sunset Hill are VERY used to children and adult dogs being around, as well as many household noises.

Voted by The American Kennel Club and Purina as one of the top:

  • family dogs

  • dogs that get along well with other dogs

  • highly trainable

  • outdoor fun

  • loyal companion

  • great for rural or suburban homes

Also, as a large family with kids who have special needs, we would choose Aussies because of their great intelligence, respect for authority, easily trainable, and loads of fun! 

Puppy Training Success

Purina Pro Plan has a wonderful step by step videos for training your puppy at home.  Check them out HERE -PUPPY TRAINING VIDEO .

Puppy Costs?


  • A $350  DEPOSIT will put you on our waitlist, and allow you to choose from an upcoming litter of choice, or allow you to reserve a specific puppy for adoption. 

  • Your deposit contributes towards the final cost of the puppy. Balance is due by pickup at 8 weeks of age. 

  • Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another puppy in the future for up to 18 months from day of deposit. Ability to transfer a deposit is forfeited if you commit to a specific pup & back out of that commitment.

Do you ship dogs if we live too far away?

1) We do NOT ship internationally ever, nor do we provide international paperwork. 

2) U.S. or Canada - Crate shipping Air cargo is NOT a healthy choice for a puppy during these times as the airlines have changed the standards. But we do work with flight or driving pet Nannies. 

3) We DO offer puppy transport regionally.

Let's chat, we can work something out for your sweet new puppy and your family!

Do you offer a health guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 1-year health guarantee.  All of our parents are tested and cleared through Paw Prints Genetics and registered through ASDR.  We believe strongly that breeders should be very careful & responsible with family genetics, breeding standards, and overall health of the mommas.  So we are confident that every puppy will be happy and healthy.  You will receive a puppy contract and health guarantee when adopting your puppy.

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