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Available Puppies


All of our puppies are raised in our house with our family, and are trained to use litter boxes with pine pellets! This makes their transition to potty training SO FAST!!!

Everyone always asks, "Will they be socialized?" and we answer "OH YES!!!"  We are a homeschooling family of 10 kids, so the puppies and their mommas spend oodles of time with us every day. They are exposed to lots of noise, kids, and people with disabilities.

Their tails are docked.

*Natural Tail is an option for people on the deposit list, you must be 1st pick of the litter for this option.

Dewclaws are removed.

The puppies will be available for pick up starting at 8 weeks old.


  • A $350  DEPOSIT will put you on our waitlist, and allow you to choose from an upcoming litter of choice, or will enable you to reserve a specific puppy for adoption. 

  • Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another puppy in the future for up to 18 months from the day of deposit. The ability to transfer a deposit is forfeited if you commit to a specific pup & back out of that commitment.

Puppies: About

Now Accepting Puppy Deposits for Spring & Summer

2023 Litters

Toy, Mini &  Large Mini Sizes
Please complete the puppy application below or send us a message so we can chat

Now Accepting.png
Puppies: About

Puppies have arrived!

LITTER #1)  6 puppies - Tiny x Yeti 4-22-23- small min & large toy size 
LITTER  #2)  3 puppies- Zeus x Peanut  5-2-23  toy sized
LITTER  #3)  due soon

Litter pictures are updated once a week.  The availability of puppies listed on the website is updated every 3 days.  We do our best to be timely so you know what is available.

Puppies: Services

Meet Yeti x Tiny’s Puppies

The Gemstone Litter 
small mini & large toy sized
Born 4-22-23

Go home date 6-17-23 (8 weeks old)


“Onyx” - black tri male


“Ruby” - Red tri female

RESERVED for Kelly on our deposit list 


“Beryl” - Red Merle male

Puppies: Team

“Garnet” - Red tri female.


“Firey Opal” - Red tri female


“Topaz” - Red Merle female.  RESERVED for Allison on our deposit list

Puppies: Team

Meet Peanut x Zeus’s Puppies

The Concert Litter 
small toy sized
Born 5-2-23

Go home date 6-27-23 (8 weeks old)


“Tux” - black tri male


“Jazz” - Black tri female


“Melody” - Blue Merle female

RESERVED for Dawn on our deposit list

Puppies: Team

Meet Star x Oakley’s Puppies

The Coronation Litter 
toy sized
Born 5-12-23

Go home date 7-7-23 (8 weeks old)


“Windsor” - black tri male


“Ivy” - Black tri female RESERVED for Debbie on our deposit list


“Buckingham” - Blue Merle male
RESERVED for Amanda on our deposit list

Puppies: Team

Planned Summer Puppies 

small mini & toy sizes

Expected Adoption Go-Home Date-


We expect roughly 12 puppies combined from 3 litters below. 

**6 deposit spots taken

**2 deposit spots left


BORN  4/22- Yeti x Tiny - toy & sm. mini litter

BORN  5/2- Peanut x Zeus (outside stud) small toy litter

BORN 5/11-  Star x Oakley-  toy litter litter

**To get on our deposit list or to schedule a FaceTime call to meet our dogs & family- please use the contact button below and message us.

Puppies: Welcome

Get on our deposit list 


schedule a meet & greet with our dogs & family!

**We reply within 24 hrs,

so please double-check your spam/junk/social folder if you don't see an email in your inbox.

Thanks for submitting!

Puppies: Contact

Puppy Application

Feel free to contact us or call/text us to ask questions about available puppies. 

Or, you can fill out a puppy application here.  Both are ways to learn more about puppies and no commitment is made until you choose to make a deposit on a puppy.

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