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We practice what we preach!

It is ALWAYS worth it to invest the time, energy, patience, and resources to train your dog.  ALWAYS.  Trust us, we've learned that the hard way.  Years ago, we had anxious dogs, naughty dogs, and more.....

Then, we learned the hard truth: It was NOT the dog's fault; it was ours. Dogs are pack animals that follow their leader(s). So, when our dogs were struggling, it reflected the struggles our house was having, too. 

Even if we "fake it till we make it", the people around us might be fooled, but the dogs are not. 

Dogs are mirrors to our insides.  OUCH.  

So we embarked on a new journey of learning, growing, and building a strong, healthy, and confident pack of humans and dogs!


1) We signed up for dog classes

2) We practiced every day- even if it was only 15 min.

3) We took careful note of our own "insides"

and watched our little furry mirrors tell us how we were doing ;) 

4) repeat

Puppy Training

These are our current top 3 YouTube Dog Trainers. 
Please remember, every dog is trainable as long as their human is too.
Wink Wink ;)
Time, Patience, and Consistency are your best friend... well, next to your dog of course!


A high-energy guy, Zak is a positive training-focused Dog Trainer that has grown in popularity since covid and the puppy buying boom. He has great videos on training fun tricks 


A seasoned veteran in dog training every dog you could imagine.  She focuses on teaching your dog to make the choice without being forced.  A positive behavior dog trainer, Susan has 2 youtube channels that are smaller in followers, but rich in content.  "Susan Garrett"  & "Dogs That"  Both have links to her pod casts too.


McCann Dogs

Start here with your new puppy. Generations of dog training, problem solving and building great relationships with your dogs. They have an excellent series on your new puppy on their YouTube channel.  Their pod cast is fabulous as well.  

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