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Future Ladies of Sunset Hill

A Bright Future Lies Ahead!!!


Sotheby's Sunrise Ruby

OK OK I'm a sucker for redheads!  And her massive white collar just wraps around her like an old-fashioned fur shall, screaming buy me sparkly things and take me fabulous places!! Ha Ha

Currently a "teenager" and roughly 13" at the shoulder.  She is a toy-sized red tri with gorgeous blue eyes.  She a bundle of energy and doesn't know how to sit still yet.  Though it takes one to know one, and I guess I can't fault her for being like me.  She's happy to join along in anything we do, but mostly LOVES to steal raspberries off our patch in our garden...again, like me ;)

She comes from generations of Canine Good Citizens, therapy dogs, frisbee champions, and more. Looking forward to watching her blossom!

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