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Retired Ladies : About


FDR Cassiopeia A


Rally I

CGC Master (canine good citizen)

Retired to the beautiful state of Vermont, where she can hike mountains, play in the snow, and enjoy a life of adventure.... while making us all a bit jealous!

Cassy, a MID-SIZED MINI,  has champion bloodlines (both of her parents are Elite Grande Champions) and is a sweet girl who loves people and loves to play outside. 

Red Merle with Copper

Weight: 30lb

Height: 16.5 inches  at the shoulder

Eye color: 1 caramel, 1 brown with a blue spot

Red factored 

3/4 collar

Full panel cleared

also cleared by parentage

Retired Ladies : Welcome


FDR Auriga A Capella


Netflix Snuggle Champion

Tennis Ball Enthusiast

Ella, a  SMALL MINI,  has champion bloodlines and is a petite, adorable girl with a bubbly personality who loves playing fetch and is always ready for snuggle time, kisses, and giggles.

Blue Merle

Weight: 23 lbs

Height: 15 inches at the shoulder

Eye Color: 2 Blue 

3/4 collar 

Red factored 

Full panel cleared

and also cleared by parentage.

Retired Ladies : Welcome


Rstars Lunar Eclipse 


Rally II

Canine Good Citizen

Scent Training

Retired to the Windy City and attending scent workshops with her new partner in crime. Luna, sister to Star, is a scent dog through and through.  Sweet and loving, she was happy to keep our laps warm anytime.

Black Tri 

Weight: 14 lbs

Height: 13 inches at the shoulder

Eye Color: 2 Blue 

Retired Ladies : Welcome
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